Tailored hosting solutions to suit your requirements

Hosting services

Have your site drafted, designed, built, promoted and hosted by 3B

We can offer a full feel safe and secure hosting service…


  • supporting PHP4
  • ASP
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Java
  • and much more.

Our servers are managed 24/7 dispersing with any long downtime issues so commonly associated with site hosts.

Website Hosting Services

Website Hosting Services

Specification includes:


  • 5 GB Fast Web Space Dual Intel Xeon processor
  • multiple hard disks
  • RAID servers
  • ultra fast Award winning Zeus software server
  • e-commerce – Secure Sockets Server (SSL)
  • Real Audi / Real Video Support (http streaming)
  • Windows-Media Support (http streaming)
  • Regular Backups
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies
  • featuring custom made Linux hardware.
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